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Your Future

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Your Family

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Your Business

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Your Business

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At Toberman Wealth, we value the opportunity to work with you to create a legacy-focused financial plan that aligns with your values. Together, we work with our clients to plan their financial future – from coordinating an investment strategy to reducing taxes. Yet, our mission is much deeper.

We believe wealth is a tool for doing remarkable good when managed with 1) clarity, 2) organization, and 3) communication. Wealth has a powerful ability to shape the values of your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, but it can also come between them if even one of these factors is missing.

We are here to walk with you for generations. Our firm believes in putting relationships first, and always building a financial plan on a strong foundation of trust. This is why we structured Toberman Wealth as a fee-only financial planner – we never receive compensation from anyone except the client.

When you work with Toberman Wealth, you’re part of our family. We walk the highs and lows of life with you, and help you to navigate financial questions along the way.

From our family to yours, let’s create a plan to grow your wealth and bring your family closer in the process.

Who We Serve

Fee-only financial advisor


As a fee-only financial planner, we help our clients create strategies for making an impact and building a legacy that goes far beyond their lifetime. We believe that wealth has the power to impact both you and your immediate family, as well as generations to come.

Fee-only financial advisor

Business Owners

With our background in both personal and corporate finance, we're able to jump in to help business owners with a full suite of financial services. From personal financial planning and wealth management, to strategic planning and financial analysis, we can help your family business thrive.

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Annual Advisory Fee


Example: The annual fee on a $1,000,000 investment portfolio amounts to $7,500/year (or $1,875/quarter).

Our annual advisory fee is assessed quarterly based on the market value of your assets under management. We work independently with Charles Schwab – so you can have peace of mind knowing your money stays safe with an established institution you can trust.

Minimum Annual Fee


We deliver a comprehensive, bundled wealth planning and investment advisory service. Therefore, we charge a minimum fee so we can continue to deliver consistent value to all clients.


Maximum Annual Fee


Example: A $17,500 annual fee cap on a $5,000,000 investment portfolio amounts to an annual fee of 0.35%.

Our annual advisory fee goes up only when your investment accounts do. Still, we put a cap on our fee because we believe you deserve to know the maximum amount you will pay for our services, regardless of the amount of assets we manage for you.