What’s In a Financial Plan: A Spotlight on Financial Planning

What goes into a financial plan? At Toberman Wealth, we put financial planning first. To many people, this may sound

Is There a Sweet Spot For Doing a Roth Conversion?

Roth IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) are helpful tools for creating tax-free income in retirement. The total contribution amount for this

Using 529 Plans for Multigenerational College Planning

Using 529 Plans for Multigenerational College Planning

529 plans are one of the most used tools for helping families cover the cost of college or trade school. They’re well-known for their tax advantages when saving for higher education costs, but did you know that you can also use them to preserve generational wealth?

What’s Goals-Based Investing, and How Could It Change Your Portfolio?

Goal-based investing puts deeper meaning behind your investment choices and their outcomes. Let’s look at what goals-based investing is and how it can change your outlook on investing.

3 Things To Read Heading Into September 2022

Tomorrow is the first day of September – can you believe it? Here are 3 things I’m reading heading into the new month.

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A Guide to Exit Strategies for Family Businesses

Many small business owners put an exit plan on the back burner. But prioritizing it now can make for a richer long-term experience.

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Craig Toberman recently spoke to Charlie Wells of Bloomberg in his Newsletter titled “How Do Your Finances Stack Up?” In the

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Craig Toberman recently spoke to InvestmentNews for their article about preparing for IRA audits. In “Advisors prepare clients for audits as

A Small Business Owner’s Guide To Saving For Retirement

When you’re in business for yourself, you become responsible for a lot: the hours you work, the services you provide,

Craig Toberman Featured in Financial Planning Magazine

Craig Toberman, the founder of the fee-only financial planning firm Toberman Wealth, recently spoke to Financial Planning Magazine for their

How Much Is Your Business Worth? (And Why It Matters)

When you own a small business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. Inventory, payroll, customer service, managing

Business Owners, Here’s A Guide To Train Your New Successor

Training a new CEO will likely be a multi-year process. Here’s a guide that will help you build a custom training plan.

How To Choose The Best Successor For Your Family Business

But what should you look for when choosing a new CEO? How will you know if you’ve made the right choice?

Craig Toberman Featured in CNN Business

Craig Toberman, the founder of the fee-only financial planning firm Toberman Wealth, recently lent his expertise to CNN Business and

How To Transition Out Of Being Your Company’s CEO Seamlessly

You built your business from the ground up. Naturally, you’re used to being the captain of the ship. But a

How To Build A Positive Company Culture, Where Your Employees Want To Be

Building a successful business isn’t just about having the best idea, most creative vision, or highest profits; it’s about creating

Craig Toberman Answers Investor’s Q&A in Bloomberg

Is it a good idea to buy index funds for a retirement plan? In the “You Ask, We Answer” section

How To Effectively Scale Your Small Business As You Grow

Scale and growth are two exciting terms in the eyes of a business owner. And while they mean the same

Retention and Recruiting Best Practices In Today’s Job Market

A small business owner’s best asset is their employees. Recruiting and retaining top talent can take your company to the next level.

Why Your Leadership Team Is So Important for A Smooth Succession Plan

A company’s leadership defines the vision, growth, and trajectory of a business. Your leadership team sets the tone for culture,

The Core Building Blocks of Small Business Succession Planning

For years, you’ve put your heart into building a successful business. But have you considered how you’ll say goodbye? A

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Craig Toberman, Founder of fee-only financial planning firm Toberman Wealth, was recently featured by Bloomberg Wealth on what happens when

How Family Businesses Can Encourage Direct Equity Ownership, and Why That’s Important

What’s direct equity ownership and how will you know if it’s suitable for your business?

Should I Sell My Business? 3 Clear Cut Signs It May Be Time

If you’re considering selling your business, here are critical financial and personal factors to think about.

Craig Toberman featured by Bloomberg Wealth on How to Protect Your Portfolio in a Volatile Market

Craig Toberman, Founder of fee-only financial planning firm Toberman Wealth, was recently featured by Bloomberg Wealth on how to protect

What Are Money Scripts (And What’s Yours)?

Money scripts uncover your personal narrative, attitude, and beliefs about money.    These beliefs can powerfully impact your habits and